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ISO 14001 Certificate
  • The management of Nostramo, S.L. is responsible for formulating our organization's environmental strategy, and for approving our environmental policy.
  • In accordance with our Mission, Vision, and Values document, we seek the dissemination, knowledge, and protection of marine species -especially dolphins and whales- while assuming our environmental responsibilities.
  • For NOSTRAMO, S.L., the maintenance of the ecosystem and respect for marine life are critical because they constitute the primary object of our activity and without them we would not exist.
  • Aware of the importance of environmental conservation and protection, we assume the responsibility of preserving the biodiversity and the marine fauna of the Canary Islands. Respect for the environment is one of the corporate values that determines our whole business strategy, assuming as our own those sustainable development goals related to our activity, promulgated in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the United Nations (UN).
  • NOSTRAMO, S.L., in its ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY, is Certified to:
  • 1.Complying with environmental legal requirements and other requirements set in our management system.We adhere to the QUALITY CHARTER FOR WHALE AND DOLPHIN SIGHTING by the Department of Tourism of Tenerife, and we respect national and international laws that protect pilot whale and dolphin species.

    2.Constantly promoting activities to prevent pollution, and establishing objectives to increase the use of recyclable materials in our business activities while also undertaking selective waste management (glass/plastic/paper/organic) in our offices and vessels.
    3.Adopting the measures necessary to prevent environmental risks, especially serious accidents, and limit their consequences for the environment by avoiding the use of products that could potentially harm the marine environment.
    4.Assisting with protecting the natural environment and ecosystem where we undertake our business activities. To accomplish this, we actively help with cleaning the marine environment and, while undertaking our business activities, we are Certified to stopping or modifying our route to pick up waste the can be seen floating on the surface.
    5.Minimizing our impact on the marine environment. That's why we commit to approaching the animals with the least possible impact, trying to be as silent as possible during our sighting experiences, ensuring the safety of everything we do at all times.
    6.Informing and training our staff and other agents involved at all levels, promoting a greater degree of sensitivity, responsibility, and awareness about the need to protect and preserve the environment through internal and external training. We supply an on-board guide for our visitors, as well as advising in our offices about the natural resources that can be enjoyed aboard our vessels and the behaviour of the whales and dolphins in general.
    7.Turning our vessels into platforms of work and research. Thus, we are open to working with different teams of scientists and scientific dissemination groups to assist with the conservation of the marine environment.
    8.Undertaking continuous improvement by setting goals and objectives, as well as the regular and systematic assessment of our Environmental Management System.
    9.Maintaining an environmental communication channel -both on an internal and external level- and ensuring its transparency so as to establish a cooperative relationship with the authorities and an open dialog with stakeholders and the public.
    10.Make this policy publicly available to anyone who requests it on our website, in our offices and on our boat.

  • This environmental policy was adopted on 20 March 20, 2023.