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the closest possible contact with dolphins and whales in Tenerife!
99% probability of whale watching and/or dolphins during the excursion

Come aboard the Royal Delfín, a modern catamaran with underwater vision (the only one with this feature in Puerto Colón, COSTA ADEJE), on a voyage in which you will see the greatest diversity of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in all of Europe.

For some time now, the possibility to have this unforgettable experience has been within everyone's reach. Our excursions are ideal for families, young people, nature lovers, and for anyone wishing to enjoy a relaxing day on board the Royal Delfín. We currently offer 3 types of tours in which we include a dolphin and whale searching as well as other attractions, a journey along the southwestern coast of Tenerife (a protected area that is considered to be of common interest by the European Union), a visit to the majestic Acantilado de los Gigantes, and the possibility of taking a dip in one of the bays.

A view under the sea
Unique adventure in Tenerife !!