Cetacean watching
Charter for Sustainability Diploma
  • The signatories of the Sustainability Charter are devoted to undertaking work in the whale and dolphin watching sector on the Island of Tenerife with the aim of maintaining our profession and helping to offer a marine life legacy to future generations.
  • As professionals who are dedicated to advocating for whales and dolphins, we hope to contribute to consolidating Tenerife as a sustainable tourist destination with a positive impact on the local population and on visitors.
  • Our goal is for Tenerife to become a tourist destination that is able to coexist with, and take care of the place that cetaceans call home – for it to become a sustainability model to be followed by other places in the world that, like us, also share their coasts with dolphins and whales.
  • To accomplish this, we undertake to conserve our whale and dolphin populations by respecting the load capacity of the different touristic activities that are carried out at sea and by offering meaningful whale and dolphin watching services that are both respectful and of a high added value.
  • Leading Principles:
  • 1) We seek to provide meaningful, transforming experiences.
    2) Our tourism products must be on par with the exceptionally high value of this unique setting.
    3) We care for the environment, the sea, and the local community.
    4) We comply with all current regulations.
    5) We are transparent, committed, and seek to continuously improve the sector.