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Nostramo S.L. (Tenerife Dolphin) is located in the south of Tenerife and has been specialized in organizing maritime trips on the southwest coast of the Island since 1985. The main goal of these trips is to sight cetaceans (whales and dolphins) for the enjoyment of the passengers on board the catamaran "Royal Delfín" ("Royal Dolphin"). Our boat has been accredited as a "Blue Boat" in the General Tourism Register and is thus authorized for whale and dolphin watching for touristic purposes. We are registered under ID code CT. 38-4-058).

The boat has room for 222 passengers. On the main deck, which can hold up to 109 passengers, you will enjoy an interior decorated with elegancy. It has a bar, dance floor, souvenir shop, and restrooms. On the outside, which can accommodate up to 113 passengers, there are seats where you can sit comfortably to enjoy the sun, pleasant sea breezes, and spectacular views of the south coast.

Under sea level, the boat is equipped with two air-conditioned compartments that have nine panoramic windows and enough room for 26 people each. This guarantees excellent conditions to admire the varied marine fauna.

The craft has a crew and a specialized guide who will be at your service at all times. The on-board guide will provide you with information on the surroundings, marine fauna, and environmental conservation and respect.

The vessel is equipped with life jackets, rafts, fire-fighting equipment and, in addition, our crew has completed safety, survival, and fire training and will be at your full disposal throughout the entire tour. You will be informed of the safety guidelines during the journey.

Royal Delfín Catamaran with Underwater Vision

Blue Boat - CT. 38-4-058

Vessels that are approved for whale and dolphin watching are distinguished by the yellow flag with the "Blue Boat" logo, which they fly for their identification.

There are numerous regulations and laws, both national and international in nature, that protect the populations of pilot whales and dolphins. This is why it is important to pay attention to all the human activities that may affect these animals, including whale and dolphin watching.

The following regulations are of obligatory compliance for this type of touristic activity:


  • The boat must not approach nearer than 60 meters.

  • Maximum observation time: 30 minutes.

  • Sailing must be undertaken at a reduced speed.

  • Vessel concentration in one place should be avoided.

  • The area must be abandoned if the vessel's presence is bothering the animals.


  • Swimming with the animals.

  • Feeding the animals.

  • Touching/petting the animals.

  • Throwing litter to the water.

  • Bothering the animals with noise.

In addition, companies that provide this service have a "Quality Charter" in which they commit to providing tourism services while respecting the animals and minimizing the impact that this may have on the marine environment.

In the event that a wounded or beached animal is detected, 112 (the emergency number) must be called immediately to put into motion the rescue protocol that has been established for these cases.

NOSTRAMO, S.L. adheres to the Quality and Sustainability Charters for Whale and Dolphin Sighting Tourism Services, promoted by Tourism of Tenerife, in order to offer dolphin and whale watching services that are meaningful, respectful, and have a high added value. Our adherence to these Charters proves our commitment to guaranteeing respect to our environment and the right that future generations have to enjoy it.