BLUE BOAT - CT. 38-4-058

Royal Delfin Cliffs of the Giants
Swim and Lunch Los Gigantes-Masca

  • ◉ Catamaran boat owned by the companyNOSTRAMO, S.L.and built by Drassanes Dalmau (Barcelona) in the year 2000.
  • ◉ Port of registry: S.C. Tenerife
    ◉ Call sign: EALR, ship identification number: 224492, registered on page 8/2000
    ◉ 22,46 metres in length
    ◉ 7,5 metres beam
    ◉ 1,03 metres draught
    ◉ Ship hull: fibreglass reinforced plastic
    ◉ Engines: MAN, D2842 with a power rating of 334.90 kW
    ◉ Maximum capacity: 220 passengers and 6 crew members
    ◉ Inner capacity: 109 people
    ◉ Deck capacity: 113 people
    ◉ Underwater compartment: 26 people
  • We have all the necessary safety equipment:
  • ◉ 4 life-rafts for 65 persons each
    ◉ 249 life jackets
    ◉ Fire extinguishers
    ◉ Firefighting pumps
    ◉ First aid kit
    Apart from everything required by Spanish law; all licenses and insurances necessary for sea excursions and whale watching.
    IMPORTANT NOTE:Our boat is accessible for manual wheelchairs, although bathrooms are not adapted.
  • Vessels that are approved for whale and dolphin watching are distinguished by the yellow flag with the“Blue Boat”logo that they fly for their identification.

  • There are several regulations and laws, both national and international in nature, that protect populations of pilot whales and dolphins. This is why it is important to pay attention to all human activities that may affect these animals, including whale and dolphin watching.
  • To offer this activity, following rules must be complied with:
  • ◉ The boat must not approach nearer than 60 meters.
    ◉ Maximum observation time: 30 minutes
    ◉ Sailing must be undertaken at a reduced speed.
    ◉ Vessel concentration in one place should be avoided.
    ◉ The area must be abandoned if the vessel's presence is bothering animals
    ◉ In the event that a wounded or beached animal is detected, 112 (the emergency number) must be immediately called to implement the rescue protocol established for these cases.
  • ◉ To swim with animals.
    ◉ To feed animals.
    ◉ To touch animals.
    ◉ To throw litter to water.