Sanitary measures COVId-19

The measures listed below may change depending on the evolution of the health situation and the recommendations of the competent authorities:

◉  The capacity of the boat has been reduced according to the legal capacity allowed.
◉  The use of face masks that cover the nose and mouth is mandatory for all customers over six years of age, on the bus, on the boat, from boarding to disembarking, with the exception of bathing in the sea and eating.
◉  It is mandatory to clean the hands of all customers with the hydroalcoholic gel both at the time of boarding the catamaran and when getting on the bus.
◉  It is recommended that clients wash and disinfect their hands frequently. Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers have been installed in different areas of the ship at the disposal of all customers and the crew.
◉  The cleaning of the bathrooms will be reinforced every hour, as well as the cleaning of all common surfaces such as corridors, handrails and railings of the boat.
◉  Transparent partitions have been installed in the interior areas of the boat.
◉  During the swimming in the sea or the meal, the client must take all possible responsibility and safety precaution, since in these activities they will not have a mask, so they must maintain safety distances of 1.5 meters with other passengers.
◉  Customers are recommended to pay by card or other contactless means.
◉  Passengers must respect and comply with the instructions of the crew.