Royal Delfin Cliffs of the Giants
Cetacean watching
Charter for Sustainability Diploma
  • Tenerife Dolphin, a Canary Islands’ company, is pioneer and leader in sea excursions since 1985. We have over 35 years’ experience in whale watching.
  • Royal Delfin is the only catamaran in Tenerife that enables you to observe and watch whales and dolphins underwater and on the water.EXCLUSIVE UNDERWATER VISION.
  • Have a unique experience! Our catamaran Royal Delfin offers16 PANORAMIC UNDERWATER WINDOWS (50' each), a pure luxury for anyone’s eye to watch free cetaceans underwater in the wild.
  • Our boat is authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment.It has the“Blue Boat Certification”, issued by the Government of the Canary Islands, a distinctive and visible official flag awarded to those boats that comply with all outlined legal requirements, that foster the environmental conservation and natural resources.

  • Tenerife Dolphin was the first Spanish company to offer sea tours backed by the ISO 14001:2015 certification on Environmental Management System. This certification evidences our environmental commitment to nature and ecology conservation.

  • Our goal is for Tenerife to become a tourist destination able to coexist with and take care of the place that cetaceans call home, for it to become a sustainability model to be followed by other places in the world which, like us, also share their coasts withdolphins and whales.