Dear Customer:

For reasons of annual maintenance, the ship ROYAL DOLPHIN will be out of water from 11/26/16 to 12/11/16.

The boat will be operational from Monday 12/12/16.

For any questions, please call 667 668 931.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


The closest experience with dolphins and whales in Tenerife!

On board of Royal Dolphin, a modern catamaran with submarine vision (the only one in Puerto Colon, Costa Adeje), you will feel like a seafarer from a Cousteau's book, in a cruising, where you can see the best diversity of whales and dolphins in Europe. 


The boat has a well trained guide and crew, who will be at your disposal all the time. The guide on board will give you all the information about the sea life, conservation and respect of the environment.


The boat has two air-conditioned compartments under sea level and nine panoramic windows with capacity of 26 passengers each one. Furthermore it has 10 underwater cameras with live connection with a TV, which is located in the main deck. That guarantees excellent conditions to contemplate the mixed sea life.


As for your security, the boat is equipped with life jackets, rafts and fire kits. Our crew is highly dedicated for safety. For this reason survival and fire courses are made frequently. At the beginning of you journey you will be introduced to the basic steps.

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